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Southeast Community Animal Hospital is proud to be an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of veterinary care. AAHA regularly evaluates our hospital to ensure that we comply with the association’s standards for patient care, hospital services and equipment. AAHA standards are recognized around the world as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine.

Only 17% of small animal practices in the United States are AAHA accredited. This is part of the reason that our hospital is proud that we have met or exceeded the accreditation standards since 1997! We have been an AAHA member for over 25 years, and plan to continue to strive to meet and surpass their high standard of care for years to come.

What does our AAHA accreditation mean to you?

When visiting our hospital or any AAHA accredited hospital you can be assured that your pet is receiving the best health care possible. The standards that they set not only include veterinary procedures that we must follow, but also set the bar very high for client communications. We want you to always be informed about your pet’s health. We believe that the more informed that you are the better equipped you will be to help us to determine a correct diagnosis.

As an AAHA hospital we place an extremely high value on the safety of your pet while they are in our care. That is why we take extra steps to ensure that all pets are placed in the appropriate areas of the hospital, keeping our sick patients away from those who are here for updates. We also use extra equipment while performing surgery that some hospitals do not use. We keep track of their blood pressure and heart rate throughout the surgery to ensure that we will know as soon as possible in case any unexpected problem should arise.We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the care that your pet receives. We invite you to come in and take a tour of the hospital. See where we take care of your pet and look at the equipment that is vital in order for us to offer the best veterinary care.

Our ultimate goal here at Southeast Community Animal Hospital is to treat your pet the way we would want our pet to be treated. It is very important that all of our patients and clients are treated with the utmost respect that they deserve. Anatole France once said “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul is unawakened.” We believe this to be true, and with that in mind we want to help maintain your animals well being to ensure that you and your family will be able to spend time with your pet for many years to come.
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