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Indoors (or in a confined area) for seven to ten days.


None for ten days (until surgery site is healed over).



Next Appointment

We usually do not need sutures in these incisions. Please return if there is any question about the incision.

Special Instructions

Check the incision at least once daily for any pain, heat, swelling, redness, or discharge. Watch closely for excessive licking at the incision. This may indicate a potential infection.

General Information

Your cat has just been confined in our hospital and has received the best of care we are capable of giving. He may not have eaten or drank as he would at home and, therefore, may seem to be overly hungry and thirsty. Do not overfeed or give excessive amounts of water, as this may cause vomiting. Some cats are reluctant to use the bathroom in the hospital. Therefore, a carrier is strongly recommended in case must urinate or defecate on the way home.

YOUR CAT HAS UNDERGONE SURGERY. Do not allow excessive playing, jumping, or running as this may cause damage to the incision and delay the normal healing process. If you observe any drainage from the incision, please call the clinic immediately for advice on further care.

Please read and understand the instructions completely. If you have any questions about these instructions, medications or the care of your companion PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US!
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